Digital sustainability tool and browser extension Finch helps people shop more sustainably. [Video]

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Finch’s browser extension rates products based on six environmental impacts and real reviews.

The global climate crisis has given way to consumerism as brands try to appeal to consumers with the promise of sustainable shopping. More people have also become conscious of the environmental and social impacts of the products they consume. However, greenwashing and sustainability jargon are leaving customers overwhelmed and confused. Finch was established to cut through the greenwashing and give customers clear, actionable insights on how to shop for more sustainable products. 

As online shopping continues to drive the retail industry, Finch steps into this space to help consumers make smart and sustainable shopping decisions. Finch gives back the control to shoppers, allowing them to understand the science of sustainability.

In 2017, before launching Finch, Founder and CEO Lizzie Horvitz shared her research through a blog where she helped people make sustainable choices. The feedback she received sparked the realization …