Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale

DIY Landing Page, 1st Guest Interview, DITL of a Digital Marketer : `vlog.ish EP 002 [Video]

DIY Landing Page, 1st Guest Interview, DITL of a Digital Marketer : `vlog.ish EP 002

I made my first ever guest interview appearance, and naturally, this pushed me to design my 1st ever landing page (finally!)

In today’s vlog, I’m taking you behind the scenes of designing my 1st DIY landing page, plus I teach you about landing pages while fixing my hair as I got ready for my 1st ever guest interview all about creating a Customer Value Journey.

Check out my DIY landing page here:

RESOURCES mentioned in this video:

Manage your online business with DUBSADO:
Turn your phone into a webcam with IRIUN webcam app:
My 1st LinkedIn Article:


00:00 – Intro
01:02 – Agenda for the day
02:41 – DIY-ing my landing page
05:05 – Mini landing page tutorial while styling my natural hair
11:08 – Time for my guest interview
12:12 – Recap
13:30 – Baby Dancing 🙂

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Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale

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