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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You

Dont Forget about Google | Learn New Amazon PPC Strategies by using Google Search Results [Video]

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Dont Forget about Google | Learn New Amazon PPC Strategies by using Google Search Results

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By the end of this video you should learn:

In this advanced Amazon PPC video we will take a step back from Amazon PPC and look at when an Amazon customer’s journey truly begins.

✔️ – 00:00 – In this Amazon tutorial we will cover where an Amazon Customer’s journey most likely begins. Like most shoppers the first stop is almost always the Google search box. Most Amazon sellers completely forget about Google.
✔️ – 0:40 – If you’re an Amazon FBA Seller or are selling products on Amazon try searching for the best performing Amazon PPC keywords in Google to see which the first Amazon products are to show up. This could provide new opportunities for an Amazon brand or new keywords to try in Amazon PPC.
✔️ – 2:20 – Let’s look at an Amazon product ASIN and use it as an example to demonstrate the potential of using Google Search to an Amazon FBA Seller’s advantage. Learn a unique Amazon PPC ASIN product targeting strategy.
✔️ – 3:54 – In this part of the Amazon PPC walkthrough we look at another example and use Luke’s favorite Amazon category. He takes a deep dive and throws out different Amazon PPC targeting ideas for Amazon sellers to try and test in their Amazon PPC campaigns. It’s always important not to forget about Google.

I hope this Amazon PPC tutorial for beginner and expert Amazon PPC managers helped you learn how to explain what you see in the data to your clients. By trying these new strategies you can generate sales for your Amazon Seller customers not only inside of the Amazon marketplace but outside as well.

This Video:
This video highlights Amazon Advertising PPC Campaign Strategies that have worked great for my clients so I hope you find it incredibly valuable.
I wished I would have had someone giving Amazon Pay-Per-Click Advertising Tutorials for Amazon Sellers when I first started because it would have saved me thousands and thousands of dollars experimenting the hard way.

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