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Driving digital growth: Team Internet Group’s strategic insights and financial outlook [Video]

Social Media Marketing

Team Internet Group (AIM:TIG) CFO, William “Billy” Green, and Head of Investor Relations, Martin Surzyn, presented key insights into the company’s business strategy and financial performance at the Proactive One2One Investor Forum.

The company specialises in online marketing, leveraging social media platforms to connect consumers with relevant advertisements, making up 80% of their revenue. They utilise AI to refine consumer interests, enhancing ad targeting effectiveness.

The discussion highlighted the company’s adaptation to the evolving digital landscape, emphasising the importance of social media and data privacy trends. They reported a robust growth in their main product, Tonic, contributing to 67% of revenue, alongside their domain procurement and distribution business.

Financially, Team Internet Group (AIM:TIG) celebrated a 15% gross revenue growth in 2023, despite the challenging market conditions that have seen fluctuating consumer volumes and click prices. The company achieved 7% net revenue growth and an increase in adjusted EBITDA, showcasing efficient cost management and profitability.

The executives underlined the company’s …

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