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DUCE RAYMOND of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ on Using Social Media Like a Boss [Video]

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Sweet Baby Ray’s is a household name. But even a world-famous brand has lots of room to grow on social media. Watch this interview with Duce Raymond of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Catering to learn about making a TikTok series, going viral, and getting a shoutout from Mark Zuckerberg. WHAT DID YOU LEARN on this episode of the Restaurant Influencers podcast, sponsored by the Toast point of sale and restaurant management company? Let us know by leaving a YouTube comment below! • Improve Your Restaurant with Toast: CHAPTERS: [01:40] – Duce Raymond 2-Minute Drill [03:47] – Working with The Sasha Group [05:59] – Creating Pillar Content [09:30] – BBQ Like a Boss TikTok Series [19:50] – Family Lessons Duce Raymond is a Restaurant Influencer — The Raymond family helped build a company that is synonymous with outdoor cooking everywhere. The Sweet Baby Ray’s famous barbecue sauce brand — which …