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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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E001: Magic Spoon’s Playbook to Customer Retention in the CPG Category [Video]

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E001: Magic Spoon’s Playbook to Customer Retention in the CPG Category

Join Chandler Dutton, Senior Director of Retention at Magic Spoon, as he shares invaluable insights on customer retention strategies in the CPG industry.

Discover the challenges and opportunities of retaining customers across various channels, including Shopify, brick-and-mortar, and wholesale. Chandler emphasizes the importance of understanding customer behavior, leveraging data, and utilizing email marketing, SMS, and other channels to build a loyal customer base.

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Introduction to Magic Spoon and its approach to customer retention – Timestamp: 00:00:00
Challenges and opportunities of being an omnichannel brand – Timestamp: 00:03:55
Leveraging customer data to understand purchasing behavior – Timestamp: 00:06:08
The importance of understanding customer journeys and touchpoints – Timestamp: 00:09:22
Strategies for building brand loyalty and customer engagement – Timestamp: 00:11:43
The role of email marketing in retention strategies – Timestamp: 00:16:25
Using customer segmentation for personalized messaging – Timestamp: 00:17:51
The power of social proof and customer reviews in driving retention – Timestamp: 00:18:52
Importance of leveraging customer data and insights for retention strategies – Timestamp: 00:21:43
Using SMS as a privileged and unique channel for customer communication – Timestamp: 00:30:08
The power of customer surveys and gathering feedback – Timestamp: 00:31:41
The role of data visualization tools in understanding customer behavior – Timestamp: 00:34:57
Innovative approaches to customer retention in the CPG category – Timestamp: 00:36:26
Diversification and redefining omnichannel strategies for brand growth – Timestamp: 00:37:40
The value of investing in data skills for retention marketing professionals – Timestamp: 00:39:36
The impact of making lifestyle upgrades on personal and professional success – Timestamp: 00:45:01

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