eCommerce Content Strategies That Keep Customers Buying| Ben Zettler | TYCA 04 [Video]

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eCommerce Content Strategies That Keep Customers Buying| Ben Zettler | TYCA 04

Ben Zettler, is a leading digital marketing and eCommerce consultant and founder of Ben Zettler Digital. In this episode, we break down how to craft a content strategy that keeps customers engaged pre and post-purchase, how to effectively use content in your email, SMS marketing, and social media strategies, what “great” looks like with lots of brand examples, Ben’s favorite content tools, and much more.

We also talk about why email and SMS marketing have become echo chambers for boring content, what you can do to avoid that, why placing your brands content strategy in the hands of a junior employee is a mistake, how tools like Klaviyo, Wonderment and Gatsby are key to content marketing and much more.

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Time Stamps for the impatient
0:43 – Who is Ben Zettler?
3:45 – How good content over email and SMS can sell without selling
10:19 – How do you think about building a content marketing strategy?
14:00 – Conversational SMS as a content marketing strategy
15:35 – Should content be focused on driving sales?
20:23 – How do you differentiate content for non-purchasers and returning customers?
26:09 – How do you orchestrate content post-purchase?
33:17 – If Ben was starting a CPG brand, here’s what he’d do from a content perspective
35:35 – How to orchestrate social media and retention channels like email and SMS to be most effective
38:18 – If Ben was starting a beauty/cosmetic brand, here’s what he’d do from a content perspective.
40:27 – Why Gatsby is a gem for creating an influencer marketing strategy
47:00 – What are the top retention marketing tools that Ben can’t live without?