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Episode 3 How to get Certified in SAP BTP | SAP BTP Extension Suite [Video]

You are encouraged to listen to the entire interview to learn valuable information. Here are highlights from my 7-minute interview with Denys van Kempen.

🤔 BTP Certification | SAP Integration Suite (What)

Andrew: I am Andrew Lunde and an SAP Champion. Today, I am doing my third interview on SAP BTP certification with my colleague Denys van Kempen so that he can share his expertise in SAP Extension Suite. Denys is well-known in the SAP Community for keeping up on what is new and sharing with others what he learned as well as his experience. You may have read his blog Get Certified – SAP Extension Suite | SAP BTP Certification Video Tutorials or taken his tutorials in the past.

🏅 Learn New Things & Get Recognized (Why)

Andrew: Denys, can you first tell us a little bit yourself, and a little bit about how to learn SAP Extension Suite?

Denys:Appreciate the invitation again to talk about SAP BTP Certification. …

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