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5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags
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Episode 344: Automating Your Path to Business Excellence with Clate Mask [Video]

Digital Marketing

Episode 344: Automating Your Path to Business Excellence with Clate Mask

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Hey, Digital Marketers
How do you take someone from being a brand-new lead to a raving fan? And how do you do it in a way that allows your business to grow without becoming too reliant on your time and effort? The answer for most (smart) digital marketers lies in automation.

Automation can be very personal as you take a potential new client from lead capture to lead conversion and then even life cycle automation. Understanding how your CRM interacts with your database is also crucial as you set about creating something that doesn’t require you to be there all the time.

Clate Mask is the CEO and Co-Founder of Keap, a private company that offers an e-mail marketing and sales platform for small businesses, including products to manage customers, customer relationship management, marketing, and e-commerce.

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Key Takeaways:
00:00 Intro
03:00 Why Automation is so useful for agencies
04:54 What are some of the processes that agencies have automated that have made a big difference in their business?
06:54 What happens after you collect a lead? Automating the email follow-up and all the steps in between
08:14 Understanding the value of the lead intake process for events, reviews, and referrals
12:05 A Keap customer success story: Building your business on automation
13:55 Beware the plateau! How automation allows you to do higher-value activities
16:26 Automating from lead capture to lead conversion
20:20 What happens when you put automated follow-ups in place?
22:20 The importance of automating something meaningful
24:54 Why it’s almost irresponsible not to automate your business from a risk standpoint

Connect with Clate Mask:
Website – https://keap.com
The Guide to Automation – https://keap.com/dm
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