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Exploring Careers with Slack [Video]

Exploring Careers with Slack

🔔 Exploring Careers with Slack

📢 Military Trailblazer (Career/Branding) Office Hours is a live forum to gather with Military Trailblazers and Allies to discuss career paths within the Salesforce ecosystem, best practices for exam study, personal branding strategies, marketing yourself on social media, etc.

This session featured Slack Panel Co-Hosts:
⭐ Frank Hesson, Senior Account Executive
⭐ Rebecca Cormier, Senior Solution Engineer
⭐ Jaclyn Figueroa, Lead Solution Engineer

📍 Session Panel: Exploring Careers with Slack

🔗 Links and Resources from the Session:

🕔 Time-Stamps 🕔
00:00 Introduction
00:41 Topic: Exploring Careers with Slack
01:39 Co-host introductions: Frank Hesson, Rebecca Cormier, and Jaclyn Figueroa
03:16 Frank Hesson’s Trailblazer Journey
06:08 Rebecca Cormier’s Trailblazer Journey
07:43 Jaclyn Figueroa’s Trailblazer Journey
10:49 Purpose of Military Trailblazer Office Hours

10:33 Question 1: What soft skills are essential in your current role?
16:30 Question 2: How did you transition into a sales role?
21:21 Question 3: How did you transition into a Solution Engineer role?
28:19 Question 4: What challenges do you face as an Account Executive?
32:16 Question 5: What challenges do you face as a Solution Engineer?
35:20 Question 6: How does SLACK differ from chatter?
39:49 Frank’s insight: Single pane of glass
41:36 Question 7: What does the SLACK acronym stand for?
43:19 Question 8: What is your favorite feature from the free out-of-the-box SLACK?
48:48 Question 9: Does SLACK offer resources to students to skill up?
52:48 Gratitude and closing
54:10 Reminder: Summer break for next 2 weeks. See you again August

📅 When: Wednesday, 5:00-6:00 PM EST
🌟 Where: 🌟
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⏯ If you can’t make the live session, subscribe to my YouTube channel for access to all of the recorded sessions:

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