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Exploring Sales Roles Within the Salesforce Ecosystem [Video]

Exploring Sales Roles Within the Salesforce Ecosystem

🔔 Want to learn about Careers in Sales at Salesforce?

Military Trailblazer (Career/Branding) Office Hours is a live forum to gather with Military Trailblazers and Allies to discuss career paths within the Salesforce ecosystem, best practices for exam study, personal branding strategies, marketing yourself on social media, etc.

Our Co-Host for this session was:
⭐ Jimmy Maloney, Area Vice President of Sales at Salesforce

🧭 We explored #SalesRoles in the #Salesforce ecosystem and much more.

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🕔 Time-Stamps 🕔
00:00 Welcome
00:13 Topic: Exploring Sales Roles in the Salesforce Ecosystem
00:33 Co-host Introduction: Jimmy Maloney
01:10 Jimmy Maloney’s Trailblazer Journey
03:03 Purpose of Military Trailblazer Office Hours

04:41 Question 1: Can you describe your day-to-day responsibilities as an Area Vice President of Sales?
08:09 Question 2: Can you provide a brief overview and career path progression: Sales Development Rep (SDR), Business Development Rep (BDR), Account Executive (AE), and beyond?
10:39 Question 3: Does Salesforce provide training for entry-level sales roles?
11:09 Resource:
11:41 Question 4: Can you describe qualifications for an Account Executive (AE) role?
11:57 Resource: – innovative mentorship platform that makes being a mentor and finding mentors effortless
12:39 Salesforce Account Executive (AE)
13:28 System Integrator (SI) Consulting Partner, Global System Integrator (GSI) Consulting Partner
14:12 AppExchange Partners
14:53 Attributes vs. Experience
16:27 Question 5: How would you describe the responsibilities for a Regional Vice President (RVP) Area Vice President (AVP), and Senior Vice President (SVP)?
18:38 Question 6: What is a reasonable amount of time to be in each role?
22:59 Question 7: What does your day-in-the-life look like? Do you travel a lot as an Area Vice President (AVP)?
25:50 Question 8: When transitioning to a sales role, what questions should you ask yourself?
28:3 Question 9: What certifications are needed for a sales role?
30:04 Question 10: With limited sales experience, can you describe the segmented types of sales roles?
33:56 Question 11: Do you concentrate on hiring in major hub locations?
37:40 Question 12: What is the salary range for an entry-level Certified Salesforce Administrator role?
39:45 Insights from Steve: Considerations beyond pay
41:26 Insights from David: Compensation comes in many forms
42:09 Insights from Dan: Don’t chase the money
42:31 Opportunity: Dallas Memorial March ‘Carry the Load’ flagship event
43:25 Question 13: How does a person’s previous leadership experience feed into a pay band?
47:13 Insights from David: Hit the ground running and demonstrate superior performance
48:10 Question 14: What motivated you into a sales career path?
52:28 David Anderson’s transition tips
54:12 David Nava’s transition tips
55:26 Gratitude and closing

📅 When: Wednesday, 5:00-6:00 PM EST 📅
🌟 Where: 🌟
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