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Firebase Realtime Database Security Rules – Android Studio Tutorial [Video]

Firebase Realtime Database Security Rules – Android Studio Tutorial

📥Download FULL CODE and tutorial notes at:
⭐Credits: 1. God for his countless inspirations, guidance, generosity and strength.
2. Other Youtube videos that I have gained knowledge from.
3. Android Studio, Wondershare, Youtube, Google, Firebase, Gdrive, Outlook, Paint3D, Stackoverflow, Windows, my Samsung mobile phone.
4. Friends for their support.
5. for the icons’ key shortcuts
6. for the background music
7. Netflix for entertaining me when I’m waiting for the app to finish installation.
8. Useful sites:
-10 Firebase Realtime Database Rule Templates
-How do I set firebase database rules to not allow delete or update of children?

[-] Security rules for Firebase realtime database
[-] Parent ‘userssuspendedlogs’ can add new contents but contents cannot be deleted and cannot be updated by any users.

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