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Fix Missing GA4 Event Parameters [Video]

Fix Missing GA4 Event Parameters

In GA4, parameters are additional pieces of data that add context to your event. Some parameters, such as page_title, are sent automatically, whereas custom parameters should be set up manually.

The values that you assign to your parameters populate dimensions and metrics in Analytics. One of the examples could be a value assigned to a coupon that is configured as an event parameter.

Sounds great, right? But what should be done if one of these event parameters is not showing up though? We have found some cases to demonstrate this problem and have provided a solution to it. So join Sofiia in today’s video where she is going to show us why some event parameters might be missing and how to avoid this issue.


00:00 – Introduction.
00:23 – GA4 Event Parameters Overview.
01:47 – GA4 Undefined Value.
03:46 – GA4 Modified Event.
05:45 – GA4 Missing Event Parameters Wrap-Up.
06:20 – GA4 Conversion Tracking.

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