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Following backlash over cookie phase-out, Google launches new proposal [Video]

Following the somewhat unpopular plan to phase out cookies in its Chrome web browser, Google has laid down Topics API as a method of tracking users online through a topic-centred tracking system.

The tech giant scrapped its previous bid for Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) on Tuesday (25 January) after presenting an alternative way of showing relevant ads without tracking the user via third-party cookies. FLoC prompted criticism in the online ecosystem, as publishers and advertisers feared a drop in revenues.

“We started the Privacy Sandbox initiative to improve web privacy for users, while also giving publishers, creators and other developers the tools they need to build thriving businesses, ensuring a safe and healthy web for all,” wrote Chrome’s product director Vinay Goel in a blog post.

Google’s new plan is called Topics API. Chrome will log the top five topics representing users’ interests each week. The topics would be updated every week, and historical data deleted three weeks after collection.

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