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FREE! 3+ Hour FULL Course – How to Create a Sales Funnel Step-by-Step! [Video]

FREE! 3+ Hour FULL Course – How to Create a Sales Funnel Step-by-Step!

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If you want to build your very first sales funnel and make $1000 a month or more selling a product that is proven to sell then you’re on the right page. This masterclass that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know and more importantly what to DO step-by-step in order to build a fully functional sales funnel.

Here’s a quick look at what’s inside…

* Introduction to sales funnels and why you need one
* A step-by-step break down of every part of the process (12 of them…)
* Tools and software you need to build your empire
* How to register a profitable domain for your business
* Simple tricks to minimize costs when selling 100s of products

* How to create websites fast and effortlessly with templates
* The 4 must-have files you need for a sales funnel
* How to name your files and in which order to present them

* How to write compelling sales letters that sell your product
* How to create OTO ‘one-time offers’ and upsells for more profit
* A proven upsell formula that converts at 20%-40% or more
* How to redirect customers to the right access page after buying
* How to create bypass links for your upsell pages

* How to create thank you pages for every buyer option
* A simple way to boost your affiliate income after every sale
* How to create zip files to deliver multiple files together
* How to add clickable download links to your thank you pages

* How to create PayPal ‘buy now’ buttons to sell anything online
* A simple way to create upsell buttons for your OTOs
* How to enable auto-return in PayPal to redirect your customers
* How to add your payment buttons to your sales page and upsell

* How to create squeeze pages that build your list like crazy!
* How to develop a ‘long’ squeeze page that attract more subscribers
* What free gift to give-away that people find irresistible
* An effective way to deliver your gift and minimize fake signups

* How to setup and personalize your autoresponder account
* Create simple yet highly effective opt-in forms
* 1 hidden feature you need to disable to get more signups
* Ways to optimize your opt-in form for highest conversions
* How to embed your opt-in form into your squeeze page

* How to write, structure and format your follow-up emails
* Develop winning email campaigns that boost your sales
* How to ‘prime’ your subscribers to buy in your intro email
* What content to add into your follow-ups for 30-50%+ open-rates
* How to add emails into your autoresponder sequence effectively

* How to connect to your server with free FTP software
* An explanation of the ‘4 window layout’ and functions you need to know
* How to upload files to your server using ‘drag and drop’
* A simple step-by-step checklist to test that everything works

And then we’ll move on and cover everything you need to know about getting traffic…

* How to generate 100% FREE traffic using the 8-Way Traffic Cycle™ strategy
* The 1 URL to redirect all your traffic to and why (this will save you years of frustration…)
* How to ‘recycle’ content and generate MORE traffic, whilst writing LESS!
* How to use niche forums to build quality content that will last a lifetime!

* How to develop EXISTING content to create articles that people want to read
* How to write, structure and title your articles for MAXIMUM effect
* Simple ‘title tricks’ that can generate 200-300 views per article!
* How to write effective call-to-actions that generate 34%+ CTR!

* A case study of 2 marketers who have generated over 3,000,000+ free visitors
* How to compile MULTIPLE pieces of content to produce even MORE traffic
* How to use graphics, audios and videos to build your online presence
* 3 Secret letters to create content even FASTER even if you DON’T know the subject

* How to multiply the 8-Way Traffic Cycle™ strategy with traffic trades
* The secret to buying traffic… and getting paid in the process! (a real eye-opener…)
* A rolodex of all the best sites to submit your content and what keywords to use
* 2 Must-know places to buy and trade traffic to build your list fast

* How to plan out a $1000/m sales funnel to achieve your financial goals
* Reverse engineer a funnel to know EXACTLY how much traffic you need every day
* 3 Practical things you add to any sales funnel to boost profits instantly
* How to use F_____ F______ in your business for insane profit (without working harder…)
* Plus so much more!…

This is now a freely available course. Watch, learn and enjoy and if you like it, give it a thumbs up, share it with a friend, and leave a comment below. If you’ve got any questions or need things explained in further detail, comment below and I’ll create a video on it. Thanks, Aaron.

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Sales Funnel Software and Tools

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