Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale

From Concept To Landing Clients [Step-By-Step Examples] [Video]

From Concept To Landing Clients [Step-By-Step Examples]

Want help building out your own solution? I guarantee you’ll get clients.

This is an example of how to package web design and digital marketing together into a solution for a niche market.

00:00 How To Package Web Design
00:23 Define The Purpose
01:26 Build The Solution
03:05 Pricing
04:22 Getting Leads
06:18 Onboarding Clients

Web designers sometimes overlook email marketing but email marketing is a great service for web designers to offer because each email will have a call to action. The call to action will link to a landing page. We, as web designers, know how to build landing pages. Managing an email drip campaign involves the development and optimization of multiple landing pages. So, we get the chance to use both our marketing stack and our web dev stack of skills (that’s where the name DoubleStack comes from).

If you’re having trouble picking a niche, don’t worry about who you’d like to work with or what target markets would be the most fun. Instead, let the purpose of your solution define your niche for you. Follow this 5-step example, and you’ll see how it works.

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