Gaming for Noobs.

I am a Gaming Noob.  Over the past year, I have stuck my toe in the water with a few offerings from Humble Bundle and Indie Gala.  I have played a few narrative games and I have tried out Steam, an on-line multi-player platform.  I even bought myself a gaming controller during a sale at Future Shop.

And you know what?  I have been blown away by the quality and variety of gaming experiences available.

Gaming Today

If you are a Newbie like me and you thought that gaming was only for computer nerds in basements, you are wrong.  59% of Americans play video games.  In the United States, gaming represents a $21.53 billion dollar industry.  Gaming has come a long way from the days of arcade games in the late 70’s and 80’s.

A live streaming video platform for gaming, called Twitch, was recently sold to Amazon for $917 million.  Huge amounts of video content are being created for gaming and it is wildly popular with aspiring players and Noobs like me.  It is no surprise that gaming is the second most popular category on YouTube after music.

By watching experienced players do walkthroughs of games it is easy to get an overview of a game.  This can help you figure out how to play it or whether it would even appeal to you.  To pick up tips and tricks from experts you can watch competitive tournaments.  Tournaments are as exciting to gamers as sports are to fans.   In fact, gaming tournaments are known as E-Sports.  It is nothing to have millions of people watching a live streaming video game tournament and then millions more watch the recorded video.

Many gamers (1 in 3) are watching gaming video content on their mobile devices and tablets while they play along on their computers.  Gaming videos are a great fit for second screen usage and we think that many MondoPlayer users are engaging in this practice.   Along with this trend, gaming on mobile devices is getting more popular each year.

Why Do People Play Video Games?

Gaming can be daunting for Noobs. We don’t really get it.  And we are intimidated by the terminology that seems to require a gaming dictionary.  Yet millions of people are avid gamers so there must be something to it.

One of the most popular developments in gaming is the MMO or massive multiplayer on-line games.  People enjoy the camaraderie of on-line multiplayer games.  They get a chance to meet players from all over the world and to play on teams.  The team aspect of the experience is very analogous to playing on a regular sports team.  It’s an opportunity to have fun and make new friends.

Wonder What Video Games People are Playing?

The top 6 most played games on Steam are:

  • Dota 2  –  (Death of the Ancients 2) – a real time strategy game that involves two 5 player teams who must try to destroy a building called the “ancient” on the other teams territory.
  • Counter Strike &  Counter Strike Source – claims to the be world’s #1 on-line action game that pits a team of counter-terrorists against a team of terrorists  who must complete an objective or eliminate all members of the enemy team.
  • Team Fortress 2 – the most highly rated free game of all time that involves two teams who compete for combat based principal objectives in a factory warehouse setting.
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization V –  a turn-based strategy game, where each player represents the leader of a certain nation or ethnic group (“civilization”) and must guide its growth over the course of thousands of years.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – an action role playing game that takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim where the player completes quests and tries to defeat  Alduin, a Dragon who is prophesied to destroy the world. Call of Duty
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – a shooter game set in Russia and Afghanistan where players must complete missions and achieve objectives in order to move to the next level.

Want to find out more?

MondoPlayer has a great selection of free video streams for these popular games including walk throughs and tutorials.  Check out our gaming page.   There are also plenty of gaming communities on-line.


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