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Gateway Mall welcomes back the annual baby crawl [Video]

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“I didn’t expect him to win because there’s a lot of other babies here,” she said laughing. “We practiced it like twice, just for fun. I was like ‘come here’ and he’d always come crawling to me.”

Prizes were given to the first, second, third, and fourth place racers which totaled $1850 with all the items being donated by merchants inside the mall. The grand prize was a double stroller.

Marketing coordinator for the mall, Donna Hordyski added was she very pleased with the turn out. She also acknowledged the participating merchants who donated the prizes and thanks them for their generosity.

“It was great to see all the support for the little athletes,” she said. “In all, it was a great event.”

The winner of this years baby crawl, Jacob! (Logan Lehmann/paNOW staff)

The second place finisher, Nolan! (Logan Lehmann/paNOW staff)

In third place, Sophia! (Logan Lehmann/paNOW staff)

And in fourth place, Otto! (Logan Lehmann/paNOW satff)

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