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GEOFF ALEXANDER of Wow Bao on Dark Kitchen Branding (Restaurant Influencers [Video]

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Wow Bao CEO and President Geoff Alexander learned that in order to expand a restaurant concept you have to “wow” with impressive branding. Watch this interview to learn about improving your brand presence, online ordering innovations, and letting go in order to grow. WHAT DID YOU LEARN on this episode of the Restaurant Influencers podcast, sponsored by the Toast point of sale and restaurant management company? Let us know by leaving a YouTube comment below! • Improve Your Restaurant with Toast: CHAPTERS: [02:08] – Wow Bao 2-Minute Drill [04:28] – Restaurant Innovations [09:48] – Operating Dark Kitchens [17:22] – Getting Outside Help with Social Media [24:57] – Using Influencer Marketing Geoff Alexander is a Restaurant Influencer — Dark Kitchens are a fairly new concept in the restaurant industry, but Geoff Alexander and Wow Bao have found a way to carve their own lane in the virtual kitchen space. Wow …