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Go to Market Strategy: Ideal Customer Profile (Part 2) [Video]

Go to Market Strategy: Ideal Customer Profile (Part 2)

This is part 2 of go to market strategies that focus on building your ideal customer profile (ICP).

An ideal customer profile defines the perfect customer for what your organization solves for. This is a model company that has all of the qualities that would make them the best fit for the solutions you provide. An ICP lends itself very useful if your organization utilizes ABM, or account-based marketing, allowing you to focus on selling to targeted accounts that fit your organization. If done correctly, an ICP can help define the problems you’re solving for, align your product/service capabilities with customers’ needs, and assist in laying out your future road map for product/service updates and changes.

Why not send every lead to sales? Some leads may not be a good fit, so it’s important to identify who can buy from you and who can’t. That way your sales reps aren’t spending too much time on leads that most likely won’t close a deal with them. You can use your ICP to define what a good fit looks like.

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