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Google Ads Audit LIVE | Google Ads Expert Consultation [Video]

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Google Ads Audit LIVE | Google Ads Expert Consultation

LIVE Google Ads Audit and Expert Consultation

Hey everyone and welcome back to the channel. In today’s video, Dustin takes us through a live Google Ads audit with one of our PPC clients. See how we adjust campaign settings such as keywords, conversion, search terms, ad copy ad extensions, and so much more in the live demonstration as we look to optmize this client’s campaign for maximum success in Google Ads. Enjoy the video!

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0:00 Intro
0:05 Issues Being Faced By The Client
1:18 Conversions
2:45 Reviewing Underperforming Ad Groups
4:00 Call Tracking and Call Extension Setup
6:09 Creating a New Conversion Action
8:12 How to Connect With Consumers
12:05 Negative Keywords
13:30 Solutions For Copywriting Issues in Ad Copy and Ad Groups
18:08 Reviewing Search Terms
19:30 Adding Relevant Keywords to Landing Pages
21:25 Resonsive Search Ads
23:00 Adjusting Your Landing Page Based on Ad Metrics
24:01 Starting Google Ads for an Agency Client
25:02 Ignoring Google’s Recommendations
26:16 Accessing Extensions in Your MCC Account
27:43 Adjusting Conversion Settings and Custom Goals
32:21 Max CPC vs Manual CPC
33:09 Wrap Up
35:15 Outro

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