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Google Ads Bidding Strategies Guide & Best Practices 2022 [Video]

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Google Ads Bidding Strategies Guide & Best Practices 2022

Learn more about each Google Ads Bid Strategy (AdWords) including Maximize Conversions, Maximize Conversion Value, Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize Clicks, Manual CPC, Enhanced CPC, and more. I go over each type of bid strategy and when you would want to use them. My best practice is to set up conversion tracking so you can take advantage of Smart Bidding strategies in Google Ads that focus on driving more conversions and more conversion value for your business.

Bidding strategies for Conversions:
– Target cost per action (CPA)
– Target return on ad spend (ROAS)
– Maximize Conversions
– Maximize Conversion Value
– Enhanced cost per click (ECPC)

Bidding strategies for clicks:
– Maximize Clicks
– Manual CPC

Bidding strategies for impressions:
– Target Impression Share
– Target CPM (tCPM)
– Viewable CPM (vCPM)
– Cost Per View (CPV)

– Target CPA: You target a specific cost for each conversion. Google Ads sets your bids automatically to drive as many conversions as possible.

Target CPA Example: Each lead for Plumbing Company ABC is worth $75 on average. They set a Target CPA of $50 to drive profitable leads.

– Target ROAS: You target a specific conversion value and Google Ads sets your bids automatically to drive the highest conversion value.

Target ROAS Example: Shoe Company ABC sets a Target ROAS of 300% to drive $300 in revenue for every $100 spent on ads.

– Maximize Conversions: Drive as many conversions as possible within your budget.

Maximize Conversions Example: Plumbing Company ABC sets a daily budget of $250 to drive as many conversions while spending their daily budget.

– Maximize Conversion Value: Drive the most revenue as possible within your budget.

Maximize Conversion Value Example: Shoe Company ABC sets a daily budget of $250 to drive as much conversion value while spending their daily budget.

– Maximize Clicks: Drive as many clicks as possible within your budget.

Maximize Clicks Example: Plumbing Company ABC sets a daily budget of $250 to drive as many clicks while spending their daily budget.

– Manual CPC: Set manual bids for clicks.

Manual CPC Example: Shoe Company ABC uses Manual CPC and sets bids at $1.00 to avoid paying more than $1.00 for each click on average.

– Target Impression Share: Focus on impressions on the Google Search Network. Target a specific % of available impressions.

Target Impression Share Example: Plumbing Company ABC wants ads to show at least 75% of the time for local plumbing keywords.

– Viewable CPM: Set how much you are willing to pay for every 1,000 viewable ad impressions.

Viewable CPM Example: Shoe Company ABC is running an annual sale and wants as many impressions for their display ads as possible.

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GOOGLEADS Keywords Match Types EXPLAINED 2022 [Video]

Negative keywords, Phrase Match, Exact Match... what do they really mean for your GoogleAds Campaigns? Here we explain all so you have a full understanding of match types and after this GoogleAds Tutorial you will know all about Match Types and how important they are for your Google Ads Account!🎁. FREE COURSE OFFER HERE, DON'T MISS OUT: Adwords training and PPC (pay per click) video lesson for the beginner. The ultimate AdWords video tutorial brought to you by the Google certified PPC experts at Adventure MediaEverything you need to know about Google AdWords ... for the complete beginner. Learn how you can launch your very own successful campaign today!Google AdWords is the most powerful and customizable internet advertising platform in the world, and millions of businesses are driving consistent and reliable PPC traffic to their sites on a daily basis. You'll learn the basics of conversion rates, and how to optimize your campaigns so your Google ads are always at the top of their game. 👉🏼. Make sure you click subscribe to make sure you don't miss another video:🎁. FREE COURSE OFFER HERE, DON'T MISS OUT: 👋🏼. SAY HI ON FACEBOOK HERE:💻. PPC Management Services:▶️. ADVANCED QUALITY SCORE TUTORIAL: luck, and thanks for watching!#googleads #google #keywords

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Top 5 Amazon PPC keyword Research Strategies | How to find keywords for Amazon PPC [Video]

FORMULAS Word Count: =LEN(Cell)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(Cell," ",""))+1 Countif : = COUNTIF(H5:P5,"less than sign 48") Vlookup : = VLOOKUP(Cell,Select full table(fix with f4),6(Select column),FALSE)Top 5 Amazon PPC keyword Research Strategies | How to find keywords for Amazon PPCWhat is Amazon PPC?Amazon Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is part of Amazon’s internal advertising system. Through Amazon PPC, brands, agencies, and third-party sellers can target specific keywords to create advertisements for their products, which appear in Amazon’s search results and on competitor product listings. In this way, sellers can present Amazon customers who are ready to make a purchase with relevant products at the point of sale — and then measure their ads performance to identify which specific ads are driving conversions. Amazon then charges them each time a potential customer clicks and views their ad. It’s a highly effective technique to derive sales and rank organically.ACoS:Advertising Cost of Sales also known as ACos is the percent of sales spent on advertising. This is calculated by dividing total ad spend by sales. ACos must be lower than your products actual profit margins if your profit margin is 30% then your ACos must be lower than 30% to get into profit zone. For example, if you spent $4 on advertising resulting in attributed sales of $20, your ACoS would be 20% (i.e., $4/$20 = 0.20). Formula: 100 ([total ad spends] ÷ [total sales])Attributed Sales: Attributed sales are the total product sales generated within one week of clicks on your ads. Your sales data can take up to 48 hours to update so, don’t get worried if sales are not appearing. You can view the individual sales totals for advertised products and other products in the Campaign Performance report.Impressions: Impressions measure the number of times Amazon shows shoppers your Ad, regardless of whether they clicked on it or not. It is one of the key metrics of Amazon Advertising and can be used to check at a glance how well an Ad is doing.Clicks: The number of times your ad has been clicked by customers.Click-through Rate: A click-through-rate also known as CTR is the total number of clicks your ad gets divided by the total number of impressions. A good example for understanding CTR is if you get 1 click on your ad per 100 impressions, then you'll have a 1% CTR.The average CTR on Amazon is 0.41%.Formula: clicks ÷ impressionsChecklist to run a successful PPC:1. Your listing must be well optimized it must contain relevant keywords and your back end also needs to be optimized.2. Your listing must have more than 5 reviews in order to get the juice out of PPC.3. Your Images must be attractive and should also contain life-style images.4. Buy-Box must not be suppressed.5. Your listing should contain all the information of your product to convert buyers.6. NO keyword stuffing must be done.Types of Amazon PPC ads: There are three types of PPC ads in Amazon1. Sponsored Products2. Sponsored Brands 3. Sponsored DisplaySponsored Products:Sponsored Product ads appear in search results and product listing pages, and can closely resemble organic listings. This is the most common type of Amazon PPC ad. It is used by 66% of third-party sellers.When creating sponsored product ads, there are two types of keywords targeting strategies a seller can use: automatic targeting and manual targeting. Let’s explore their differences1. Automatic targeting2. Manual targeting1)Automatic Targeting:The automatic strategy involves targeting keywords that Amazon’s algorithm determines are related to your product listing. Amazon algorithm takes these keywords from your products listing page. Over time, Amazon uses data that it collects from shoppers’ clicks and purchases, then adjusts the ads to better suit your listing and increase conversions. In Automatic targeting you don’t have to give amazon keywords.Within automatic targeting, sellers can use four different keyword match types: • Close match• Loose match• Substitutes • ComplementsClose match: In Close match ads appear when shoppers use search terms that are closely related to the product you’re advertising.Loose match:In Loose match ads appear when shoppers search keywords loosely related to your product.Substitutes:In Substitutes match type to target shoppers who are considering products that are similar to your product, but sold by a different brand (i.e., a Cuisinart blender instead of a Kitchenaid blender) Complements:Complements match type targets shoppers viewing detail pages of products that complement yours (i.e., paintbrushes to go with a paint set)Note: Auto campaigns gives more keywords and is mainly used as research campaigns. The downside of Auto campaigns is that it lacks the optimization options that other ad types [email protected]@ppckeywordoptimizationPPC KEYWORD [email protected]

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Google Ads Keywords Best Practices - When Should You Pause Google Ads Keywords? #Shorts [Video]

Please join our FREE Facebook group ‘Google Ads Like A Boss’. Meet like-minded professionals, join the discussions, ask questions, offer help and much more. No.1 Google Ads Coaching and Training Program. Watch Masterclass here: do you decide when to pause a keyword? You need to consider many factors and learn what to do when a keyword is too expensive. Watch this video to learn more.When to pause a keyword? What things to consider? so when to pause a keyword is when it's too expensive so you need to decide whether I should stop a keyword if it has spent three times or four times my target CPA and it is proving to be very expensive is not converting either or it is converting but at a very expensive price and you can't be profitable at that price. So that's how or that's when you will pause that keyword.#Shorts #googleadskeywords #googleadskeywordplanner #keywords #googleadsrecommendations #googleadwords #PPCChat #SEM #PPC #googleads #googleadstips #googleadstutorials #googleadstraining #googleadsoptimisation #googleadvertising #learngoogleads #googleadwords #googleadsconsultant #googleadsexpert #googleadsettings #googleadsspecialist #digitalmarketingWant to learn Google Ads? Here's the playlist with over 20+ hours of tutorials and training:🔥🔥🔥 BEST FREE TOOLS & GOOGLE ADS COURSES 🔥🔥🔥 ➡️ Google Ads Editor Training Course:➡️ Google Ads Training Course: ➡️ Video Marketing Training Course: ➡️ GDN Training Course: ➡️ Free Google Ads Training Course: 🔥🔥🔥 CONNECT WITH US 🔥🔥🔥 ➡️ LinkedIn: ➡️ Twitter: ➡️ Facebook: ➡️ GMB Page: ➡️ Website: