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Google Ads Costs and Billing Methods Explained [Video]

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One major question you might have before you get started with Google Ads is “How much does Google Ads cost?” You want to have an idea of how much your campaign will cost you before you run it. Instead of wondering how much you will be charged and how you will be billed, we give you everything you need to know.

The billing system of Google AdWords is centered around the idea of convenience for the advertisers. Therefore, the platform allows you to decide the amount of money you want to budget for an advertisement campaign that not only suits your business but also fits your budget. You have a lot of control as an advertiser over the amount you actually spend because of the budgeting options.

Google Ads Costs & Billing Methods Video

You can watch the video directly on YouTube as well.

How Google Ads Billing Works

You can find all of your Billing information from the main Tools & Settings link at …