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Google Ads Lead Generation | Are Call Only Ads & Call Tracking Beneficial [Video]

Google Ads Lead Generation | Are Call Only Ads & Call Tracking Beneficial

Is Your Company or Agency Missing Out Not Using Call Only Ads & Call Tracking Software

Hey guys, and welcome back to the channel. In today’s video I will be virtually sitting down with agency owners Robert, Mark and Dustin to discuss if using call only ads are working for them and what may be a better solution for call tracking software. We will also be talking about the importance of having a number pool for call tracking and why ad placement matters so much in Google.

Ed Stapleton, Jr. & Robert Andolina
Clicks Geek

Mark Kelly
Inbound Revenue

Dustin Miller
PPC Pros

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0:10 Intro
0:19 The Problem With Using Call Only Ads
2:49 Call Tracking & Offline Conversions
5:35 Google Map Ads
6:51 Thoughts On The Future Of Google Guaranteed
10:18 Outro

1. Google Ads Agencies Compared To Contractors
2. Google Ads Agency Owners Talk Shop | Smart Campaigns, Youtube, and Split Testing
3. Hiring Google Ads Agency vs In House Google Ads Specialist Cost Benefit Analysis
4. How Hiring Google Ads Agency Can Improve YOUR Sales Process
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