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Google Ads Performance Max: Complete Guide for 2022 [Video]

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Google announced the development of Google Ads Performance Max in 2020, a goal-based campaign that allows advertisers to access all Google Ads channels from a single campaign. Google launched Performance Max in November 2021, creating a new way for businesses to drive success through their online marketing campaigns.

Google Ads Performance Max Video Tutorial 2022

We put together several different Google Ads Performance Max video tutorials, and you can learn everything you need to know by watching the video below or directly on YouTube.

What Are Performance Max Campaigns?

Marketing your business through Performance Max allows you to spend less time on paid ad campaigns. Unlike traditional Google Ads campaigns, performance Max focuses on driving Performance using automation to deliver better results and convert customers across all of Google’s channels, such as YouTube, Search, Discover, Gmail, Maps, and more.

Marketers looking to utilize Performance Max simply input specific goals and a series of assets, and Google uses data, …

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