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Google Analytics Time Lag Report; Understand your buyers consideration period [Video]

Google Analytics Time Lag Report; Understand your buyers consideration period

How long did it take for a customer to convert? Knowing that answer can help your remarketing and creating a better experience with your brand. Learn how and why we use the Time Lag Report in Google Analytics.

The Time Lag Report is great for understanding how your customers visit your site and when they convert. Most customers will visit your site more than once before they convert. They may see and click on display ads, then come through an organic link and finally see a Facebook ad before converting. Knowing this will help with your remarketing, email marketing and even what your sales team does

How many times have you looked at a product and then been chased around the Internet by ads for that brand? I’m looking at Harry’s razor…I love the product as a customer but there ads won’t stop following me around the internet.

One way the time lag report can help with this is by showing you how many days between someone clicking on an ad and converting. If you know most people convert within 3 days of clicking on an ad, then test out a 4 or 5 day remarketing lists with your next campaign.

You can also look at frequency capping your remarketing as well.
If you know a lot of people converting within 3 days but you also see a spike of people converting at 20 days and even 45 – 50 days. Those are remarketing lists you can build out to test not showing someone an ad between days 4 – 18. Then start showing someone ads again at 19 days to remind them about your brand. This would go a long way to helping your brand stand out and not annoy people.

Also, make sure you create a remarketing list of people who have purchased your product and exclude them as an audience list to make sure you don’t keep showing them ads when they have bought the product.

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