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Google Display Planner: Complete Guide 2022 [Video]

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The Google Display Planner was offered by Google AdWords as a standalone tool to plan Display Ads campaigns. However, you can’t find the Display Planner tool in the new Google Ads. It has been completely removed from the ‘Tools & Settings’ menu.

Below, I will show you how you can plan your Google Display Advertising campaigns. Instead of the Display Planner being a standalone tool, it is now available as you build your campaigns. It has never been easier to find audiences to target and content to target.

Google Display Planner Video


What Does The Google Display Planner Do?

When you enter a keyword, the display planner will tell an advertiser the most relevant display keywords, topics, websites, apps, videos, YouTube channels, and app categories to run their ads. When setting your targeting, you should either choose audience targeting or content targeting. You can find more details about that below.

Google Display Network Targeting

You can find audience segments or content to target …