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Groove -Marketing Automation CRM Platform #shorts [Video]

Groove -Marketing Automation CRM Platform #shorts

Are you running an online business and looking for marketing automation software for your business.? You should join Grooveathon virtual free training about the Groove platform. you get a lot of VALUABLE training and interesting demos of the platform that is taking the world by storm, GrooveDigital.
See how to use Groove to start your own profitable business…
…or GROW your existing business.
You may even discover an entirely additional revenue stream to start.
Get more traffic and build your web presence using templates, blocks, elements, SEO, and more in GroovePages®.
You can network with other Groovesters.
And get all your questions answered.
Learn how to increase conversions and profits using GrooveSell™, GrooveAffiliate™, the Marketplace, funnels, bumps, and more.
Discover what GroovePay™ is, the perks, the advantages of a bank-sponsored account, requirements, and so much more.
See how to become an email marketing pro and manage leads, tags, segments, automation, and more in GrooveMail™.
Learn how you can get noticed and stand out using GrooveBlog™ and GrooveVideo™.
You can prepare to sell more, faster, AND easier, with GrooveWebinar™.
Discover everything you need to know to sell physical products online with GrooveKart® — even if you have no products.
See everything else Groove has to offer… some you may not even know about yet.
For joining Groove-A-Thon
For Affiliate
For free signup on Groove
For upgrading to the lifetime plan
For more info

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3 Insights on Holidays, Patience and Meetings (385) [Video]

Three different thoughts and ideas this episode. The first considers why starting a holiday could be an amazing opportunity for your business. The second talks about the most important skill for content entrepreneurs - patience. The third is a pro-tip before you go into that next meeting.
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The Best Social Media Marketing Platform You’re NOT Using [Video]

The social media platform that you thought died is very much alive and making a big impact in marketing. Lauren brings to life the fact that with very minimal effort, you can see monumental results for your business. Visit to check out valuable insights and strategies like this to take your marketing game to the next level. This is video 7 of 7 from the Pinterest Marketing Series with Lauren Petrullo.