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Heatmaps 101: Using Website Heatmaps to Analyze Your Site (+ Common Errors to Avoid) [Video]

1. Analyze Google Analytics

I start by analyzing Google Analytics. I find pain points within the funnel. These pain points include… 

  • Leaks
  • Problematic pages
  • Pages that need optimization 

When I find something interesting (eg. a big drop on X page), I set up the right heatmap to test a hypothesis I develop based on this data. 

But heatmap research could also come from customer service tickets where people complain about something not working, a conversion drop on a form, or a page getting stuck. There are so many possibilities and all of them relate to your customer research.   Heatmaps should fit in with my customer research.

2. Ask questions

Then I start asking questions.

Important note – Heatmap reports are only as good as the questions asked while setting them up. Randomly looking at heatmaps to get insights will only send you down a rabbit hole.

Related questions could be:

  • Are people given all the relevant …
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Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Google Data Studio Tutorial - Lesson 41 - Area Chart [Video]

In this tutorial, we will be discussing about Area Chart in Google Data Studio#datastudio #datastudiotutorial #datastudiodashboardLearn the basics of using Google Data Studio including how to manage, edit and arrrange data for reports using different data sources.This lesson has been made using Google Data Studio using Chrome Browser but is applicable for other supported browsers as well.If you like this video, here's our entire playlist of Google Data Studio tutorials: MediaFacebook:* Hope you enjoyed the video! Please then don't forget to:* Subscribe* Like* Comment* Share with your friends