Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Heatmaps 101: Using Website Heatmaps to Analyze Your Site (+ Common Errors to Avoid) [Video]

1. Analyze Google Analytics

I start by analyzing Google Analytics. I find pain points within the funnel. These pain points include… 

  • Leaks
  • Problematic pages
  • Pages that need optimization 

When I find something interesting (eg. a big drop on X page), I set up the right heatmap to test a hypothesis I develop based on this data. 

But heatmap research could also come from customer service tickets where people complain about something not working, a conversion drop on a form, or a page getting stuck. There are so many possibilities and all of them relate to your customer research.   Heatmaps should fit in with my customer research.

2. Ask questions

Then I start asking questions.

Important note – Heatmap reports are only as good as the questions asked while setting them up. Randomly looking at heatmaps to get insights will only send you down a rabbit hole.

Related questions could be:

  • Are people given all the relevant …
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Marketing Analytics and Reporting

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Marketing Analytics and Reporting

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