Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale



As a coach you must be knowing there are two pillars responsible for your success.

One is how you generate leads and two is, how you convert those leads into sales.

Essentially, Traffic and Conversions!

And the bridge you build to attract your target audience to take the necessary steps to become a client is defined by your funnel.

In this presentation, I’m going to show you how to build a high-ticket sales funnel & why it works so extremely well.

Now it’s really important that you are already clear on your Niche.

Whether you’re a health, coach wealth, coach relationship coach, or life coach.
And you know exactly who your audience is that you are serving and you have an offer whether it’s a one-to-one mentorship or a group coaching program.

Then this High Ticket Funnel Model will work for you.

And if you’ve been struggling with live webinars and long hours online workshops to sell your core premium product, then make sure you watch this video till the very end because it will make a lot of sense.

Now, here’s a disclaimer.

I have nothing against low ticket front end offers. But if you’re like me coming from non-tech, creative background, not so comfortable to deliver back to back live sessions and you just want to work with a few premium clients, the clients who pay you more because they are serious about taking action & which will drive their business mission and results.

Instead of managing and supporting hundreds or thousands people who pay low ticket, & also very time-consuming clients. Especially if you’re a Solopreneur, then this video is going to give you a lot of clarity on what is possible for you.

No, this not another offer or coaching program for you, so keep an open mind with focused attention, grasp what I’m about to show you is the high-tech and model that comprises of five elements.

1.Core piece of video content
2. Landing Page
3. Scheduling An Appointment
4. Follow-up sequence
5. Facebook Ad

If this interests you, then I would like to invite you to book a call with me. where we will have a friendly chat and see how we can work together If at all and

Once you book your call, you receive an email which will include a case study of how I help my client will a high-ticket sales machine with some amazing results and you’ll also receive access to a Masterclass to learn how to sign premium clients in 2022.


Kaaranji Shreedhar

A Professional Filmmaker turned Internet Lifestyle Entrepreneur and founder of Breakthrough Academy.

I’m on a mission to Empower Entrepreneurs to live an Internet Lifestyle.

Thank you so much for watching.

Have a nice day.

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Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale

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Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale

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