How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing title=
How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing

How a Business to Business to Consumer Strategy Works with Josh Rome [Video]


Josh Rome is the Founder and CEO of Runway Health, the first direct-to-consumer telehealth company building a brand around travel health. With a career spanning technology, pharma and travel, Josh is uniquely positioned to build a transformative company at the intersection of these industries. Josh started his career at Adobe, helping publishers digitize their traditional print publication workflows through the launch of Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite. He then joined Patagonia Pharmaceuticals, a start-up specialty pharmaceutical company developing innovative prescription therapies for rare dermatologic diseases. Josh led business development efforts to secure an international licensing deal valued at over $100MM, a $1.5MM FDA grant, and ultimately the divestiture of Patagonia’s lead assets to a public dermatology company in 2019. With an opportunity to better align his career with his passion for travel, Josh then launched CitySpeak, a daily travel based newsletter turned boutique travel agency. Through this experience, Josh identified the …

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