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How One Coworking Brand 12x’d Their Inbound Marketing Leads in 2021 – A Coworking/Hubspot Case Study [Video]

How One Coworking Brand 12x’d Their Inbound Marketing Leads in 2021 – A Coworking/Hubspot Case Study

Gather, a regional coworking operator near Richmond, VA, had a world-class “product,” but was looking to up-level its marketing and sales tools and processes. They partnered with member Rick Whittington, a local marketing agency owner, to design a comprehensive marketing strategy and implement HubSpot as the primary tool to manage and track their marketing efforts.

My guests on today’s show are: Rick Whittington: President of Whittington Consulting and Caroline Prettyman: Senior Account Strategist, Whittington Consulting

Rick, Caroline and I discuss:
– Gather’s goals to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that could support its 7+ locations
– The process that Rick’s agency went through to conduct a needs analysis and identify gaps in systems/processes and tools.
– Some of the specific strategies that Gather implemented – a more robust CRM, reporting dashboards, promotional landing pages, Google Ads, a 3D, online tour used as a “lead” magnet
– Gather’s implementation of HubSpot as their CRM and content marketing hub
– What worked, what didn’t

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