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How To Build A Professional Responsive Portfolio Website: React.JS [Video]

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How To Build A Professional Responsive Portfolio Website: React.JS

Step-by-step instructions for building a professional portfolio website using React JS and CSS

What you’ll learn
How To Build A Professional Responsive Portfolio Website: React.JS

1. They can create their own website to present for a job interview or somewhere else, comparable to a responsive portfolio.
2. A modern portfolio website is made with up-to-date HTML5, CSS3, and
JavaScript parts.
3. Transitions transform, and animations in CSS3
4. CSS and React JS Advanced Techniques
5. From conception to completion, you may study real-world and responsive website design.

1. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is necessary.
2. t’s also a good idea to learn React JS.

How To Build A Professional Responsive Portfolio Website: React.JS

Welcome to the brand new course where you’ll learn how to use React JS and CSS to create a personal portfolio website from the ground up.

This is the course for you if you want to construct your own portfolio that will help you exhibit yourself in the best light and get employed.

We’ll make the project responsive to various screen sizes so that everyone may view it from any device.

What is the purpose of a portfolio?
A portfolio website, rather than a CV, efficiently and easily displays your professionalism and devotion to art. You use real-life examples and circumstances to demonstrate your point. You have entire control over your portfolio, which is the only location on the internet where you have complete control. Well, it’s possible that having a portfolio can help you get a job. You normally have to get an initial call with the hiring manager before the technical interview, and your portfolio may assist you in obtaining that first contact from your recruiting manager. Your portfolio is a fantastic way to demonstrate your skills as a developer or designer. It might come from any profession. The portfolio website lets you show how mature and professional you are when it comes to promoting yourself and your work.

Why should you take this course?
1. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon are generally referred to as the “big 4” in the programming industry. To work at any of these organizations, you must have a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
2. If you take this course, you won’t have to worry about anything since we’ll put all of these talents to good use!
3. I am certain that after completing this course, you will be able to build your own portfolio website from the ground up.

This course is open to everyone!!!

Who this course is for:
1. students with a rudimentary understanding of front-end web development who desire to further their expertise
2. Complete website design from beginning to end.
3. This tutorial can be used by students who know the basics of HTML, CSS, and JS and want to make a professional website for their portfolio.