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How to build a website for your business with Google Sites [Video]

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How to build a website for your business with Google Sites

Google is shutting down their free business websites through Google My Business on March 1. I show you how to recreate your current Google Business Profile with Google Sites.

The announcement from Google: https://support.google.com/business/answer/14368911
Google Sites: https://sites.google.com
Get your custom domain from @PorkbunDomains ‘cause they’re awesome. Or Squarespace if you want to be able to create a Google email with just a few extra clicks: https://strongsite.co/sqspdomains
Carrd: a great one-page website builder that’s only $19/year: https://strongsite.co/carrd (affiliate link)
Sign up for my forthcoming course on how to optimize your business’s online presence: https://strongsites.co

In this video I explain how Google is sunsetting its feature which integrates Google Business Profiles into a simple one-page website. By making a mock website for a real business, I show you the step-by-step process from setup to publishing the webpage, including how to add pictures and reviews, embed maps, and connect a custom domain. I also introduce Carrd, a one-page-site platform that offers more creativity and functionality than Google Sites.

00:00 GBP’s Free Website Feature Is Going Away
01:16 Alternatives to Google Business Profile Websites
02:16 Creating a New Site with Google Sites
03:13 Theme Styling and Pages
05:45 Building The First Section
08:15 Building The Menu Section
10:25 Building The Review Section
13:45 Building The Info Section
14:59 Adding a Map and Contact Information to Your Site
17:31 Adding a Gallery to Your Site
18:19 Settings: Favicon, Analytics, Announcement Banner
20:49 Publishing Your Site and Connecting to a Domain
23:47 Alternative Website Builder: Carrd
27:36 Course Coming Soon

If you’re a small business owner who has been using Google’s free business website through Google My Business, you might be wondering what your next step should be, as Google plans to shut this service down. There are plenty of great alternatives available!

One such option is Google Sites. Google Sites is a free and easy way to create and share web pages, making it a decent alternative to Google My Business’s website function.

If you’re looking for a more robust solution, you might want to consider an independent website builder like Carrd: https://strongsite.co/for $19/year, you can access a range of features to help you create the perfect one-page website for your business.

The death of Google My Business’s free websites is an opportunity to reassess your online presence and make improvements. Use this as a chance to create a website that really reflects your business and helps you connect with your customers.

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