How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
5 Steps to Creating Successful Ads

How to Create Entire Website with ChatGPT (No Coding) [Video]

Website Design

How to Create Entire Website with ChatGPT (No Coding)

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❤️ *Start here* ➜

👉 *Codepen* ➜

✍️ *Prompt* ➜ You are an expert web designer and developer, I would like to recreate the website design that I have provided in the attached image using HTML and CSS and needs to be responsive as well. The website belongs to my company, [Your Company Name], and it serves as a [Brief Description of Your Brand] and this is my logo for the website [Provide the link]. The webpage is divided into a total of [Number of Sections] sections, and I’ll provide you with each section, You should not use the same content. Change the content that aligns to my brand. Provide me the code and guide on where to integrate it.

There are [Number of Sections in the Image] sections in the attached image, Such as [ ] . [Brief Explanation of Each Section & its alignment ]. The image you should incorporate into the design is this: [Provide the Image link / links].

You can use online svg for icons if required from Font awesome.

Feel free to choose fonts that align with our brand identity and apply your expertise to enhance the overall styling of the website. I intend to use the CodePen application for copying and pasting the code. Please advise me on what to name the HTML and CSS files.

To begin, please ask any essential questions that will help you better understand the website design. Let’s communicate in English for this project.

🖼️ *IMGBB* ➜

📋 *Color scheme prompt* ➜ The design is impressive, but could you apply this color palette [ ] across the entire website. Please use these colors in appropriate locations, such as text, background, and buttons. I want the site to exude elegance and align seamlessly with my brand.
Also when I provide you with images for the remaining sections, kindly employ this same palette for consistency.

🎥 ** ➜

⚡ *FormSpark* ➜

💎 *TinyHost* ➜

💡 *Webspacekit* ➜

🌐 *Contact us for Web Development* ➜

🎬 *Table of Contents*

00:00 Intro

00:45 Recreate a website using chagpt

02:50 Create section by section of your website

03:34 Add specific image to your website

04:33 Enhance color scheme of website

05:58 Create new section with videos and brand Images

07:12 Create service & testimonial section

08:15 Fix icon in service section

09:11 Create contact & footer section

12:01 Host your website for free

12:55 Host your website with custom domain

Build your dream website with Chatgpt. This video reveals the secrets of using ChatGPT to design, write, & launch your site in minutes.

Join us on a step-by-step adventure as we guide you. No coding experience needed! Learn how to brainstorm, design, and publish your website
Click play and watch your website vision come to life!

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