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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You

How to integrate affiliate conversions in Facebook Ads [Video]

Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale

How to integrate affiliate conversions in Facebook Ads

Find out all about our integration here: https://wecantrack.com/affiliate-conversion-tracking-in-facebook/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=facebook_ads

Automatically track and integrate all your affiliate sales and lead conversion data in Facebook’s Pixel to properly optimise your campaigns, adsets, ads and audiences via Facebook’s Pixel & Conversion API. With We Can Track affiliate publishers have access to a complete set of integration features and optimization opportunities that can help scale up your marketing performance.

00:14 – Important Info
00:42 – Facebook Pixel ID
01:37 – Facebook Conversion API Token
02:20 – Enable Facebook Integration

Transcript step-by-step video guide for Facebook Ads affiliate sales integration

Integrate Affiliate Conversions in Facebook Ads via Facebook Pixel or Conversion API
2 Integration methods available: via Facebook Pixel ID or via Conversions API Token, you can choose the method that suits you best, we will explain the difference in the next slide!
Facebook Pixel ID: If you place your Pixel ID(s) in on our platform our system and we will start to push conversions to Facebook, where the session contains a Facebook cookie or a FBCLID.
Facebook Conversion API token: our system will use the Conversion API instead of the Facebook Pixel and additionally push conversions coming from sessions not containing any Facebook cookie or FBCLID.
Important: In order to track conversions coming from iOS devices the Conversion API needs to be used!
1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager
2. Go to All Tools – Events Manager in your Ads account
3. Select the Pixel you want to add to our system
4. Go to Settings and Copy the Pixel ID
5. Go to your We Can Track account and follow Data Sources – Websites – Edit
6. Place the Pixel ID on your website settings and click save
7. Conversion API Token. Go to your Facebook Ads Manager again
8. Scroll down on Pixel Settings until Conversions API
9. Click generate access token
10. Copy the access token and place it in our system
11. Edit Website and fill in the Conversion API access token
12. Click save and go to – Features
13. Enable the Facebook Ads & Pixel integration
Your Facebook Ads affiliate integration is active!

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