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How to make Advance e commerce grocery android app (Part 4) | Google Sign in with firebase 2021-2022 [Video]

How to make Advance e commerce grocery android app (Part 4) | Google Sign in with firebase 2021-2022

in this video tutorial we will see how to integrate google sign in using firebase and also will check how to use onactivityresult. because onactivityresult deprecated in android and will not be available in upcoming android version so use the alternative how to get activity results

In this tutorial series we will build advance ecommerce grocery android shopping app like flipkart, amazon ,bigbasket etc in android studio. We will use java and kotlin language and xml for designing. We will make total three application one for client end user one for admins and one for riders.

List of features that we will add in Client this app.
1. We will add firebase push notifications admin can send push notifications to all users or to specific user.
2. we will use Google Map Location and Distance api to calculate realtime distance between rider and customers.
3. We will add advance uniqe invite and earn system.
4. we will add wallet system user can add money or can withdraw money from wallet.
5. Multiple payments Gateways will be used in this app . like paytm, Payumoney, Paypal, Stripe.
6. We will add firebase phone login in this application.
7. we will also integrate Custom SMS api for sending transaction sms from the app. like whenever user place an order we will send thanks message to customer mobile number same way after delivery we will send another sms.
8. In this Advance grocery Ecommerce app we will add Advance Search System Like youtube Search with suggestions and search filter.
9. We will Use MVVM Design Pattern to build this app.
10. We will also add products variations like color, size etc.
11. advance rating system will be added in this app.
12. This App will support multiple currencies and multiple language.
13. We will add Light and Dark Mode in this app.
14. whenever user will place order order will recived in admin app and then admin can assign that order to specific rider.
15. Android Jetpack Navigation will be used for Switching between fragments.
16. We will also see how to use firebase remote config and firebase messaging.
17. We will build this application Using Firebase Firestore Database.
18. After completing three applications we will also see how to publish app on play store.

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