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How To Rank First On Google My Business Profile [Video]

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How To Rank First On Google My Business Profile

Imagine if every time someone searched for your business showed first in Google. First ranking on their mobile in Google Maps & 1st in several keyword variations of your business? The 30 day Google Business Profile expert course from Zanet Design is on

We all know though that it’s hard to know what to do – most of the tips out there are getting business listings suspended. And getting a Google business profile reinstated can be a really difficult process as Google rarely reveals where you went wrong

In today’s video, I decided to show you what is working right now and how you can safely do to rank first in Google maps / profile
I’m Zane from Zanet Design, and I decided a few years ago to optimise my business on google and then start making videos and sharing what I’ve learned to help you too. For those that get to the end of the video – I have a huge bonus for you to enjoy – more on that soon –
The reality is most of the reason you aren’t able to rank number 1 is due to the tactics used by many to fool the Google algorithm – let me show you what Google is actually looking for – then we can work out the right way to optimise your GMB

imagine you put 42 local SEO experts together with access to 20,000 businesses together and reversed engineered to see what the algorithm said was important – well that has been done

Primary GMB category – your best category – you can locate additional categories that it’s relevant here:
Keywords in GMB business title – don’t fall into the trap of adding keywords – it will get you banned
the proximity of address to the searcher
physical address in the city of search – it seems if you’re a service this could be still a slight disadvantage
any questions comment below
Additional categories –
High Google Numerical Ratings
Completeness of GMB listing – yes you can fill out everything
Before we go any further – if you are enjoying this and seeing its value – then do give it a like and sub
Quality / Authority of inbound links to domain – (brand ) building quality links to your website which has a long-term impact on local rankings along with organic.
Keywords in Native Google Reviews – hard to force – though you can suggest – note it gets picked up
Removal of spam/spam-fighting – show how to
Keywords in GMB landing page title – Be sure your main keyword is in your title tag. That main keyword should be geo-specific.

Quantity of Native Google Reviews (w/text) – more regular – this is an increasing factor
Verified GMB Listing – just add your postcard code – so many don’t get any further than this – several other ways if you cant have a postcard see

Internal Linking Across Entire Website – 4 types of most important contextual (in the blog) navigational – (use categories and products from GMB too ) footer and image links If you do link an image, be sure to use a relevant caption and ALT text, as both of these signals can indicate to search engines what the image is about and why it is there in context.
Geographic Keyword Relevance of Domain Content – local search has to be specific, content on the page is about your service in a location

Quality/Authority of Inbound Links to GMB Landing Page URL – algorithm determines your authority/link juice/page rank – local relevant links are good
Proper Placement of Map Pin – often pins aren’t quite perfect – they reward precision
Page Authority of GMB Landing Page URL – We explain how to get that – and how to find out how much authority your website actually has.
Internal Links to GMB Landing Page from Other Page of Website – links to your homepage & GMB profile pages – how much is indexed – deeper dive
Keywords on GMB Landing Page H1/H2 Tags – To recap, you want your local SEO landing pages to include: H1 – Multiple H2’s – Multiple Calls To Action – Embedded Map of the area – Link to your Google My Business profile

30 day Google Business Profile expert course from Zanet Design on

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in my videos and website are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Google. Any content or direction provided is of personal opinion and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual or anyone or anything.

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