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How to Save a Contact List in Keap Max Classic (formally Infusionsoft) [Video]

How to Save a Contact List in Keap Max Classic (formally Infusionsoft)

Learn how to easily create an access a saved list of contacts in Keap Max Classic (formally Infusionsoft).

Whether you need a corporate website or a blog site, serve a niche industry or appeal to the masses, are starting a new business, or re-energizing an existing business with a new online marketing plan, Ballen Brands’ business websites are the way to go!

Grow Your Business with an Affordable WordPress Website. Everything you need for success.

These SEO-friendly websites include feature options like:
– Elementor Page Builder
– CRM Integration
– Custom Sales Funnels
– Traffic Analytics
– Lead Magnets
– Design Options
– IDX and Home Value Landing Pages for Real Estate
– and more.

Are you a real estate agent?

You’re in the right place. We build WordPress websites for real estate agents and brokers that are easy to use, look great on any device, and get results. Our IDX plugin is trusted by thousands of agents across the country to power their online presence. And our home value offers to help your clients find out what their home is worth today so they can make smart decisions about buying or selling a house.

With Ballen Brands, you can focus on doing what matters most – helping people buy and sell homes! We do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to worry about anything technical ever again. All while giving your website an awesome design with powerful integrations. There’s never been a better time than now to generate leads online.

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Ballen Brands is a family-owned, agent-driven, dynamic digital marketing company specializing in strategies, tools, and resources to guide real estate agents and small to medium businesses to success.

As a marketing guru, Lori Ballen, the founder of Ballen Brands, developed products to solve her own needs in business, real estate lead generation, and website productivity.

Her success led her to create an online learning resource for other professionals, where she flourished in teaching, coaching, and generating exponential expansion of her businesses.

To accommodate the company’s growth, Lori hired her brother, Jeff Helvin, as COO for Ballen Brands.

Jeff, an entrepreneur since college, stepped immediately into his role, connecting with his clients to provide assurance, confidence, and high-quality products.

As Ballen Brands continued to expand, Lori and Jeff brought in their eldest brother, Paul Helvin, to raise the bar even higher regarding client relations and product development.

Jeff and Paul Helvin now fully own and operate Ballen Brands so Lori can continue to focus on content creation and consulting.

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Marketing Platforms and CRM

Salesforce Digital Experience - Improving Talks Series [Video]

Are you curious as to how Salesforce(SF) can be used other than a Sales customer relationship management (CRM) tool? SF provides CRM software and applications for not only for sales but also customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. Specifically for Customer Service where SF allows the creation of a Portal or Digital Experience Site allowing external access to SF Resources. Join Marcus Vandenbent as he demo's a fully functioning SF Digital Experience site with not just the ability to log or view a clients cases but also have the ability to use AI to retrieve recommended Wiki articles based on the content of a case or a search.About Marcus - Marcus Vandenbent is a consultant for Improving Atlanta (IA) for close to five years and specializes in explaining the needs of a business in how it relates to relevant technologies, specifically the Microsoft Office 365 platform. Marcus has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology, implementing everything from the architecture of both small and large data centers, to providing IT related training, to designing enterprise disaster recovery solutions, to creating small simple content management sites, to administering internal business management systems, and to implementing large scale/high volume cloud based sites.Prior to joining IA, Marcus was a Sr. SharePoint Architect for ATT where he focused on architecture, supporting and maintaining a hosted SharePoint enterprise environment. Marcus has experience with many types of businesses including Healthcare, Staffing, Credit Providers, Telecom, Marketing, and Facilities Management.