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How To Scale A Digital Marketing Program With Steve Zimmerman [Video]

How To Scale A Digital Marketing Program With Steve Zimmerman

In this video, John Lincoln is joined by Founder and Head Engineer of Rocket Resume, Steve Zimmerman. In this video, the pair will discuss Steve’s career, how to build the perfect resume, and how to scale your digital marketing program.

Steve discusses the start of his career and leaning into his interests to find what he is passionate about. He discusses the importance of finding and focusing on people’s pain points in the world to find a space for your business.

John and Steve then discuss the importance of finding a problem that is not only in high demand, but that is solvable. Steve noticed that not all people have the skills necessary to build a resume that stands out.

Steve has seen over 1 million resumes started since he launched Rocket Resume. This company uses technology to solve this problem by creating a resume for you in less than 10 minutes! By implementing tech to solve problems, Steve was able to efficiently scale his business.

Steve also reveals what goes into a good resume!
He advises you to dive into the job description and tailor your resume to it, as long as it fits your experience. He goes on to remind viewers to give your resume some personality to make you stand out.

BONUS: Steve and John talk about what NOT to include in your resume.

Finally, John and Steve dive into Steve’s method for scaling a digital marketing program.

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