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How to set up a full-fledged Email Marketing Automation from scratch? [Video]

Travelling can be said to be a dream, a hobby, an adventure, etc., for many. Most people use the internet to collect data and plan their travel. This planning phase of surfing through websites includes searching for travel packages, comparing prices of hotels, destination options, etc. 

From the business point of view, people who search for them are resources and potential clients and a gold mine for marketing teams in the travel industry. Lead generation happens when they are reached out to through ads, emails, newsletters, etc.

Sawadee is one branch of Travelopia, one of the leading experiential travel companies. They were also looking to lay out a complete process of email marketing automation from scratch. This will include having a preference page and a subscription page.

This was the case with Sawadee as well. They were looking to set up a complete process of marketing emails from the very scratch, which …

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