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How to Share Link to Subscribe to LinkedIn Newsletters [Video]

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How to Share Link to Subscribe to LinkedIn Newsletters

Do you regularly utilize the LinkedIn article feature? Keep reading to learn how you can share a link to your newsletter page with your new connections.

Start by navigating to your activity section by filtering activities by “Articles” and click an article in the newsletter group you’re interested in. You can then find the details of the newsletter group at the top of your selected article.

Click here and it will bring you to the main newsletter page that has a list of all the “editions” you’ve sent out throughout the time you’ve had this newsletter group. From this main page, you can see a “Share” button underneath the author name of that specific newsletter. Click share and select the “Copy link” option in the dropdown.

Another way to share your newsletter link is to simply copy your browser URL from that main page. And you can now use this link to share your newsletter with new clients via email or social media channels or directly in LinkedIn via messages.

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