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How To Start A Junk Car Business | Starting A Scrap Car Business [Video]

How To Start A Junk Car Business | Starting A Scrap Car Business

How To Start A Junk Car Business | Starting A Scrap Car Business

Hey guys! In today’s new interview, I will be talking with Rashad from Junk Car Buyer Academy USA! In this video we will discuss all things Junk Car business! If you want to learn how you can make money in the Car Scrapping and Junking business, be sure to check out this interview! Interested in Rashad’s Junk Car Buyer Academy?
Then check out his website:

Once you have your Junk Business running, reach out to us to help your grow your business!

More about us, our free training, and our courses:

0:00 Intro
0:55 Introduction to the Junk Car Industry
2:00 How much money can be made in a Car Scrapping Business?
3:04 What is the profit on a Scrap Car?
6:45 What does a Toe Truck Driver need to know about this business model?
7:30 What does it cost to start a Scarp Car business?
11:00 Rashad’s Business Model
14:30 Where is the catalytic converter on a car?
16:00 Why are catalytic converters so valuable?
17:00 Why are original catalytic converters more valuable than aftermarket?
18:10 How to determine if a catalytic converter is original?
18:50 How do you remove a catalytic converter?
19:55 How are catalytic converters sold?
20:40 How much can you make full time in the Scrap Car business?
22:30 Introduction to Junk Car Buyer Academy USA course
26:35 Potential in this market
28:35 Using a storage unit for your junk business
30:15 Junk Car industry wrap up
33:34 Outro

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