How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
12 Steps to Create Videos

How to use digital marketing to reach and engage your target audience – without paid ads [Video]

Social Media Marketing

If you’re a small business owner looking for digital marketing methods that won’t break the bank, we are here to help! This blog post shares four ways to help you elevate your digital presence, engage your audience and drive business growth.

4 Budget-Friendly Digital Marketing Methods For Small Business Owners

Social media

Social media is probably what comes to mind first when you think of how to reach potential and current customers. Although it can be more difficult to get organic reach nowadays (and paid advertising definitely has its place), if you use social media effectively you don’t always need to create ads to see results.

  • Choose social media platforms where your target audience is active.
  • Use a social media calendar to plan activity so you can maintain a consistent posting schedule (we even have a free 2024 social media calendar you can download).
  • Engage with your audience – like and reply to comments, answer questions, encourage conversation.
  • Make sure posts have an eye-catching visual. News …

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