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How To Use Google Workspace (Previously GSuite) to Work With Your Team & Collaborate [Video]

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How To Use Google Workspace (Previously GSuite) to Work With Your Team & Collaborate

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Are you ready to take your business from chaos, to control?
I have duplicated my entire system of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks that myself and my team do, copied our tasks Trello board, all of the instructions and training videos that I have written for my staff, and put them all in a course for YOU to download and use yourself!
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Should You Pre-Sell Your Online Course or Coaching Program? [Video]

There is lots of conflicting advice out there about pre-selling your courses and coaching programs - to the point at which many new course creators are focussing more on marketing than on actually creating their product in the first place. The truth is, there is no 'right or wrong' when it comes to rpe-selling; BUT having been in this industry for over a decade, I do have some very strong advice around whether you should pre-sell your course or not. In today's video, I'll share my advice on this.... Don't forget to grab my FREE Course Creation Starter Kit that will walk you through all #10steps of creating your online course or coaching program here: #createacourse #preselling #marketing #selling #sellyourcourse #presell #coursecreationsteps #coursecreationtips #edupreneur #edupreneurship #educationbusiness #educationbusiness #onlinecoursebusiness #coursecreationtips #coursecoach #teacherpreneur #coursecreationcoach #coachingbiz

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Should Your Membership Have a Free Trial? [Video]

For those of you clever cookies who have realised that having a subscription or membership is INCREDIBLE for your business's bottom line; you may have asked yourself at some stage whether or not you should give away a free trial to let people check it out before they start their monthly payments...I sure did when I first started my Edupreneur Academy back in 2015.BUT...... do free trials work?Is there a better way to convert your potential members?In today's video, I will share with you why you should NEVER give away a free trial of your membership, and what you should do instead.Hope it helps!