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How to Use the NEW Liquify Tool! || Clip Studio Paint Tutorial #9 [Video]

How to Use the NEW Liquify Tool! || Clip Studio Paint Tutorial #9

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Hello, hello! I’m back with another tips of the month video!
This Clip Studio Paint tutorial covers everything you should need to know about the brand new liquify tool that was recently added to the software. This tool has been highly in demand for a while and I’m happy to say it works like a charm, so definitely add it to your CSP essentials!

On a separate note, I have been considering dabbling into short form content this year, notably CSP tutorial quickies showcasing tools and features that are quick and easy to explain, so let me know if that would interest you all!

Thank you so much for being here and supporting this little creator, take care and see you in the next one!

Best regards,

– Crimsy

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