How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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I Asked ChatGPT To Rewrite This Facebook Ad [Video]

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I Asked ChatGPT To Rewrite This Facebook Ad

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In this video, I’m critiquing a Facebook Ad that’s promoting a $35 sleep mask sold by Manta Sleep.

You’ll hear a point-by-point breakdown of:

✅ What works about the ad…
✅ What’s lacking…
✅ What could be improved…
✅ And what I would do differently…

I’m also breaking down 5 other variations of the Manta Sleep ad — all submitted by real writers from the Posse community.

And… just for fun…

I asked ChatGPT to rewrite the ad. And I’ve got some things to say about that, too 😉

Come along with me as I help you understand what makes copy great and how to make it even more powerful…

Keep watching!

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What You’ll Learn In This Video 👇

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