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I Turned My Knowledge Into A 7 Figure Online Course Business In 13 Months [Video]

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I Turned My Knowledge Into A 7 Figure Online Course Business In 13 Months

Creating a 7 figure online course business starts with a killer offer. If you don’t get things right at the beginning, no amount of marketing or sales strategy will turn your online course into a cash cow.

Believe me, I’ve sold almost identical courses with two completely different outcomes. The first one was a bit of a flop, but after I repositioned the offer my online course brought in $138,000 in the first weekend, on its way to $1,000,000 in sales in just 13 months.

In this video, I’m going to share exactly what we changed to turn a so-so offer into a 7 figure online course business in 13 months. You’ll learn how to come up with the big idea for your online course offer, how to validate that idea before you it to make sure it’s going to really make you money online, and some simple strategies to position your offer so that it’s irresistible to your ideal customer and sells like mad.

By the end of the video you will have real clarity around whether your online course idea is going to be a big seller, and how to tweak your offer if it’s not currently selling the way you want.

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How to know if you and your business are a good fit for a digital course [Video]

Source: you thought of creating a digital course? Digital courses can be an easy way to free you up from a potential exhausting schedule of 1:1 clients.  Joining me for this episode is the digital course creation master herself, my business mentor Amy Porterfield.  Amy Porterfield has been an inspiration to me since 2020.It was Amy who inspired me to launch my digital copywriter courses, which she gave me the confidence to do in 2021!Since then I've thrown myself into her training courses and made fantastic connections within her close-knit community.That has led to some amazing opportunities, such as...... helping other people get started on their copywriter journeys with my mini portfolio creation course and copywriter website course.... putting myself forward for live teaching sessions... helping other people launch their digital courses.... and today I had the amazing opportunity to have a CONVERSATION with her on my podcast. This is AWESOME, especially as I wanted to bring you inspiration for exactly HOW you can build the life you want as a freelance copywriter or entrepreneur.I'm so grateful for how Amy inspires, educates, and empowers others to build a business and life on their own terms.She encourages them to find their own unique path.A way that they never thought was possible!If I can do it with her guidance, anyone can!Links associated with the episode. This week Amy has launched a fab audio tool that you can download and get clarity on your version of success for your business. I wish she'd brought this out sooner!  I want the audio!