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Innovids Hogue Aims To Harness TVs New Ad Skills Beet.TV [Video]

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When is a TV ad not a TV ad? When it’s all just “video”.

Jessica Hogue, GM, Measurement & Analytics, Innovid, knows that has been the evolution of these media channels for many years now.

But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Hogue says the industry has now reached a point of actually acting on what that means.

One way in which the new capabilities of streaming TV have changed the game for advertising is pretty fundamental.

These days, TV ads can function more at the “performance” end of the marketing funnel.

“One common thing that we’ve heard over and over again is the need to tether together national branding advertising with more creative tactical messaging that’s maybe happening more at a local level,” Hogue says.

“(The latter) is a little bit more targeted, with a call to action. So it’s sort of bringing together traditional branding with performance advertising.”