3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience title=
3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience

Inside Shopify UX S2 EP06 | UX leadership at scale [Video]


Inside Shopify UX S2 EP06 | UX leadership at scale

Host UX Director Lola Oyelayo-Pearson speaks with UX Director Sadia Latifi, UX Director Monika Piotrowicz, and Senior UX Ops Manager Jen Rogers about leading UX at scale at Shopify.

Full transcript: https://ux.shopify.com/inside-shopify-ux-s2-e06-leading-ux-at-shopify-903a4b6b928e

00:00 — Intro
00:43 — UX Ops is our secret sauce
05:53 — A jungle gym leadership career path
12:05 — Leadership as a profession
13:38 — The progression of UX as an industry
16:18 — Being a business partner
19:02 — Thinking of quality, taste, and judgement
24:28 — Operationalizing quality
26:44 — Craft leadership and role modelling
32:32 — Fortune teller questions

Shopify is building the future of commerce, but who are the people building it? The Inside Shopify UX podcast introduces some of the leaders and crafters on our UX team and asks them to explain the big commerce problem their team is trying to solve, and gives the real talk on some of the industry’s challenges and questions.

Listen to learn more about the complex UX challenges our team is solving and how we’re making it easier for entrepreneurs to thrive.

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Produced by Jen Shaw, UX Communications and Marketing
Assisted by Isabelle Hamel Carassi, Merchant Services Coordinator
Edited by Michael Busse, Technical Production Operator
Artwork by Senior Illustrator Alisha Giroux, Senior Culture Designer Dani Chavez Ackermann, and Broadcast Motion Graphics Artist Trevor Silvani
With music by Senior UX Manager Matt Griffin (silentquietspaces.com)

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